Monthly Updates

Our monthly updates provide a quick snapshot of the financial markets within each quarter and they comment on a current event or topic that is in the news. These topics include rebalancing, GDP, inflation, deflation, market timing, fear, greed, market psychology and other market related topics. We also use these updates to reinforce our long term consistent message. At times, we will increase the frequency of these updates if we feel it’s appropriate. Our monthly update typically comes out five or six days after the month has ended.

KWAG: December 2015 Update Dec/2015
KWAG: November 2015 Update Nov/2015 
KWAG: October 2015 Update Oct/2015 
KWAG: September 2015 Update Sep/2015
KWAG: August 2015 Update Aug/2015
KWAG: Mid-July Update Jul/2015
KWAG: July 2015 Update Jul/2015
KWAG: June 2015 Update Jun/2015
KWAG: May 2015 Update May/2015
KWAG: April 2015 Update Apr/2015
KWAG: March 2015 Update Mar/2015
KWAG: February 2015 Update Feb/2015
KWAG: Mid January 2015 Update Jan/2015
KWAG: January 2015 Update Jan/2015
KWAG:December 2014 Update Dec/2014
KWAG:November 2014 Update Nov/2014
KWAG:October 2014 Update Oct/2014
KWAG:September 2014 Update Sept/2014
KWAG:August 2014 Update Aug/2014
KWAG:June 2014 Update June/2014
KWAG:March 2014 Update Mar/2014
KWAG:February 2014 Update Feb/2014
KWAG:Mid January 2014 Update Jan/2014
KWAG:January 2014 Update Jan/2014
KWAG:December 2013 Update Dec/2013
KWAG:November 2013 Update Nov/2013
KWAG:October 2013 Update Oct/2013
KWAG:May 2013 Update June/2013
KWAG:April 2013 Update May/2013
KWAG:March 2013 Update Apr/2013
KWAG:February 2013 Update Mar/2013
KWAG:Client dinner Summary Jan 2013 Jan/2013
KWAG:Year end Update Dec/2012
KWAG:December 2012 Update Nov/2012
KWAG:November 2012 Update Oct/2012
KWAG:October 2012 Update Sep/2012
KWAG:September 2012 Update Aug/2012 
KWAG:August 2012 Update July/2012
KWAG:July 2012 Update June/2012
KWAG:June 2012 Update May/2012
KWAG:May 2012 Update Apr/2012
KWAG:April 2012 Update Mar/2012
KWAG:March 2012 Update Feb/2012
KWAG:February 2012 Update Jan/2012 
KWAG:January 2012 Update  Dec/2011
KWAG:December 2011 Update Nov/2011
KWAG: November 2011 Update Oct/2011
KWAG: October 2011 Update Sept/2011
KWAG: September 2011 Update Aug/2011
KWAG: August Credit Downgrade ’11 July/2011
KWAG: August 2011 Update July/2011
KWAG: July 2011 Update June/2011
KWAG: June 2011 Update May/2011
KWAG: May 2011 Update Apr/2011
KWAG: April 2011 Update Mar/2011
KWAG: Japan Update Mar/2011
KWAG: March 2011 Update Feb/2011
KWAG: February 2011 Update Jan/2011
KWAG: Dec-Jan 2010/2011 Update Dec/2010
KWAG: November 2010 Updates Nov/2010
KWAG: October 2010 Updates Oct/2010
KWAG: September 2010 Updates Sep/2010
KWAG: August 2010 Updates Aug/2010
KWAG: July 2010 Updates Jul/2010
KWAG: June 2010 Updates Jun/2010
KWAG: May 2010 Updates May/2010
KWAG: April 2010 Updates Apr/2010
KWAG: March 2010 Updates Mar/2010
KWAG: February 2010 Updates Feb/2010
KWAG: January 2010 Updates Jan/2010
KWAG: December 2009 Updates Dec/2009
KWAG: November 2009 Updates Nov/2009
KWAG: October 2009 Updates Oct/2009
KWAG: September 2009 Updates Sep/2009
KWAG: August 2009 Update Aug/2009
KWAG: July 2009 Update Jul/2009
KWAG: June 2009 Update Jun/2009
KWAG: May 2009 Update May/2009
KWAG: April 2009 Update Apr/2009
KWAG: March 2009 Update Mar/2009
KWAG: February 2009 Update Feb/2009
KWAG: January 2009 Update Jan/2009
KWAG: Mid-December 200 Update Dec/2008
KWAG: November 2008 Update Nov/2008
KWAG: October 1st 2008 Update Oct/2008
KWAG: October 2008 Update Oct/2008
KWAG: Mid-October 2008 Update Oct/2008

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