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Mission Statement

Kiely Wealth Advisory Group, Inc. is a fee-only investment advisory firm that specializes in providing a comprehensive package of financial services to meet personal and/or corporate needs. Our primary goal is to educate individuals and organizations about today’s financial markets and to help them plan for a secure financial future. We believe in using well-diversified portfolios tailored to meet individual needs, risk tolerances, and goals. We design these portfolios through a rigorous selection process that results in a handful of the top mutual fund managers in our industry. These managers are carefully selected to provide reasonable stock and bond market exposure depending on the individual goals, current holdings and risk preferences. At Kiely Wealth Advisory Group, there is no cookie cutter approach to anything. Each client is treated individually based on their own unique set of financial goals.

In providing these services at Kiely Wealth Advisory Group:

  1. We are committed to doing the right thing — always. That is why we have taken great care in hiring quality people with high standards and values and excellent professional backgrounds. See our Management Team Bio’s.
  2. We believe that anyone who chooses a professional to help manage his/her money deserves an advisor whose primary concern is the client’s financial well-being; thus, we believe that investment advice should come from an advisor whose compensation does not depend on commissions paid for the sale of a particular investment product.
  3. We have a strong belief in investment education. We want the interested public to have access to a fundamental education on investing. We believe an education levels the playing field for all market participants regardless of their individual advisor. We want our clients to understand our decision making process and we want them to have the tools to hold us accountable. We believe that a well-educated investor is an asset to our industry and a client for life.
  4. We constantly strive to improve our services through promoting continuing education for our staff; remaining open-minded about the way we do business; and encouraging regular client-advisor communication.
  5. We constantly strive to be better listeners. This means we are paying more attention to your every detail. We believe we have the experience and the resources available to help you reach your personal and/or business goals. If we listen better, we can better utilize our investment tools, our new technology, and our strong support staff to offer you the individual attention you deserve.

Rolling up our sleeves, spending quality time with each client, and looking to the future is the core of our mission. It’s a strategy for every kind of investor. It’s what you’ll find when you work with the Kiely Wealth Advisory Group.

  • Corporate Headquarters

    P.O. Box 756
    Oak Ridge, NC 27310
    Phone: 252-439-1888

  • Mountain Branch

    4 Highland Place
    Asheville, NC 28804
    Phone: 828-350-8681

  • Greenville Branch

    901 Forest Hill Circle
    Greenville, NC 27858

  • Coastal Branch

    1207 Earnley Cove
    Leland, NC 28451
    Phone: 910-579-8075

  • New York Branch

    8305 Decoy Run
    Manlius, NY 13104