Mission Children’s Hospital

The Program:

We have been involved with Mission Children’s Hospital for a number of years, first working with Camp WeCanDo, then later as a volunteer on the Mission Children’s Hospital Gold Medal Advisory Council. More recently we have worked with the Maltreatment Program and Pet Therapy Dogs. We love the hospital for a number of reasons. First, they never turn a child away. Second, 100% of any donation goes directly to the program you are interested in. Third, the hospital is a market leader and incredibly innovative in the way they work abused children. Fourth, they have a unique vision to meet the needs of our regions children. Finally, their dedicated staff is second to none. We feel fortunately to work with such a group of dedicated doctors and staff, who truly care about children and their future. Furthermore, we have been inspired by the vital comprehensive medical services that Mission provides for children in western North Carolina.

Why Children Camps?

Camp WeCanDo is specifically designed for diabetic and asthmatic children who would otherwise be unable to attend a normal camp. When you see the joy on the faces of various children who learn how to deal with and embrace their various health issues, it makes your heart melt.

Why Maltreatment Programs?

As the economy tends to get worse, child abuse tends to increase. It is incredibly sad to learn how many children are abused in Western Carolina. On the other hand it’s amazing how comprehensive and well thought out the Children’s Maltreatment program is. One of the more innovative techniques for working with children is through the use of pet therapy dogs. We feel lucky to know a few of the amazing doctors and staff in this program.

More Information:  

The Mission website is www.missionfoundation.org

Mission Children’s Diabetes/Asthma camps: www.missionhospitals.org/body_childrens.cfm?id=574

The Mission Children’s Foundation site: www.missionhospitals.org/body_foundation.cfm?id=460

  • Corporate Headquarters

    P.O. Box 756
    Oak Ridge, NC 27310
    Phone: 252-439-1888

  • Mountain Branch

    4 Highland Place
    Asheville, NC 28804
    Phone: 828-350-8681

  • Greenville Branch

    901 Forest Hill Circle
    Greenville, NC 27858

  • Coastal Branch

    1207 Earnley Cove
    Leland, NC 28451
    Phone: 910-579-8075

  • New York Branch

    8305 Decoy Run
    Manlius, NY 13104