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Investment Strategies

Kiely Wealth Advisory Group recommends these four prudent investment strategies:

Balancing Risk and Return: The informed investor knows that there is a trade-off between risk and return. The greater the risk taken, the greater the potential return. We teach our clients how to establish a comfortable balance between the two. In our opinion, the balance is directly related to the investment time horizon of the individual and their cash flow needs. For individuals who have longer time horizons, we can allocate a greater amount of their assets to stocks. Conversely, for those with shorter time horizons, we like to limit their stock exposure.

Setting Goals and Objectives: Each investor needs to have clearly established goals. Long-range goals such as retirement or a child’s education will indicate the need to look beyond short-term market fluctuations and this opens the door to a greater array of investment products. Short-term goals restrict the client’s investment choices and the effectiveness of these products will depend heavily on short-term market fluctuations. We sort through the maze of investment products and choices to offer the best recommendations based upon the client’s goals and time horizons.

Diversifying the Portfolio: Since market conditions are constantly changing, we have found putting all of one’s eggs in one basket usually backfires. By appropriately combining several investments into a comprehensive investment portfolio, the level of overall risk can be prudently managed. Furthermore, appropriate rebalancing strategies can be used to take advantage of changing market conditions. We offer customized, diversified portfolio strategies for any array of market conditions and investor risk preferences. This is accomplished by selecting multiple fund managers with excellent track records across various investment styles that include: large growth, large value, mid-growth, mid-value, small growth, small value, international, foreign and bonds. Occasionally, when necessary, we will use some index funds.

Using Sound Investment Products: Safe, reliable and proven investment products lie at the core of any sound financial plan. We are dedicated to finding these products and putting them to work for our clients. We generally recommend mutual funds and money managers that charge no "up-front" fees because we believe that if a client has money to invest – every one of those investment dollars should begin working for the client immediately – as opposed to having some of those dollars siphoned off in the form of a sales commission. We look for fund managers who have identifiable, proven track records, whose funds have low expense ratios and consistent returns in all types of market conditions.

The prudent use of these four basic investment strategies typically results in a portfolio defined by stability, cost effectiveness, diversification, and solid long-term growth to meet the client’s needs.

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