Asheville Humane Society

The Program:

For years, the Asheville Humane Society had one of the poorest facilities in the country. A few years ago, a number of forward thinking individuals wanted to not only build a state-of-the-art Humane Society building, but they also wanted to start a state-of-the-art adoption program to make sure pets were adopted for life. When we heard about this program, we wanted to help make this new facility become a reality. When it’s finished, the new Humane Society building and their creative adoption programs will be one of the top facilities in the country.

Why help animals?

There is a great deal of literature that shows animals (particularly dogs) have a positive influence on all human beings particularly children and the elderly. We have seen first-hand the effects a therapy dog has on abused children. These dogs seem to provide security for abused children who are clearly afraid of adults. Therapy dogs also make a huge difference at elderly homes. Of course, dogs are a man’s best friend. They have touched each of our lives at Kiely Wealth Advisory Group.

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